Your local Humane Society is located at 410 Second Avenue, Marlinton, WV 24954, where Frankford Vet has office hours. We are located near the county shelter, but are not affiliated. HSPC is supported through grants and donations. The main mission of the group is issuing reduced-cost spay/neuter vouchers, redeemable at a number of vet offices, which may be obtained by calling (304) 799-6767. Leave your name and phone number for a callback.

HSPC also passes on animal negligence and abuse concerns to animal control; to report, call the above number if you cannot reach the County Animal Control Officer.

Humane Education is another of HSPC’s missions. We work through the school system and community to teach age-appropriate lessons, including proper handling of animals, population control, volunteer opportunities, WV animal ordinances, exploitation awareness, and to inform on the sentient nature of all animals to promote kind treatment and provisions of appropriate living conditions for all pets and farm animals.

Friends of HSPC provide help in trapping, transporting, fostering and vetting community cats, and are an indispensable part of the organization. To help call (304) 799-2436.