This week’s corner is from portions of the Mayor’s Report to Council for MAYORS REPORT to Council of August 2021 activities.

A meeting was held with West Virginia Conservation Agency Representatives about removal of a huge weeping willow tree on Marlin Run. Working through an agreement with the Pocahontas County Commission, the tree should be removed before bad weather. Underwood Tree Service took out a dead tree at mini-park.

I attended the 55th West Virginia Municipal League Conference at Wheeling. The best attendance ever, due to cancellation in 2020. More than 450 attended.

I believe everyone involved will say that First Fridays in Marlinton have been a great success. Looking forward to next summer. The splash pad remains on until September 20. Folks from Fayetteville called and want to look at our splash-pad. They would like to consider one for that area.

The MFTP Strategic Planning Meeting resulted in the hiring of Downstream Strategies as the program Grants Coordinator. We expect good things to happen in the coming years. The DOH is planning to replace traffic lights in spring 2022. I am trying to get professional help with problem streetlights before that construction happens.

Thank you Marlinton DOH for mowing along Rt. 219.

Yes, we are still supposed to have spot paving of Third Avenue and Ninth Street.
The price of a dumpster with lid has gone from $1,100 to $2,300 each, since January 2021.

Water and sewer plant employees took part in separate sessions at WVRA annual Conference at Snowshoe. Marlinton HubCap Team meetings are moving forward.

The last Pocahontas Broadband Zoom meeting had 16 in attendance. Broadband progress has been slow, but is still moving in a positive direction. Part of every workday schedule includes Priority Items: Dilapidated and Abandoned properties, DEP Response, proposed sewer project and Broadband.

Thank you. Got it.