In 2019, The WV Hub interviewed and surveyed hundreds of stakeholders working in community economic development in West Virginia, seeking to understand what successes had occurred in the past decade to advance rural community development.

Through these surveys, six shared strategies were identified for successful rural community development. Communities that were seeing sustained progress had most, if not all, of the strategies underway. Those “best practices” for successful rural community development are:

  1. Maintaining and growing volunteerism and civic engagement
  2. Developing diverse local leadership
  3. Building a common vision and executing a shared plan
  4. Collaboration, communication and transparency
  5. Actively using the support systems available to help with community development
  6. Leveraging diverse funding opportunities

The Town of Marlinton adopted its Comprehensive Plan in August 2019 and continues to work with it. An opportunity is available.

Do you want to learn about the WV Development Hub’s Community of Achievement Program (HubCAP) and how to become a team-member? If so, active volunteers may learn about how to advance the recreation amenities and economy of Marlinton.

If you are interested and want to learn more, please send a message to the Town of Marlinton email address at townofmarlinton@frontier

Thank you for your interest.