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The EPA Compliance Advisor Program will be providing customized templates and tools for Marlinton’s review of Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention. In the next few weeks, you will receive documents for additional information regarding implementation.
For your information, a Cross-Connection is any physical connection between a possible source of contamination and the public water system. For example, if a homeowner uses a cistern or an old well for outdoor watering, it cannot be connected to pipes that are connected to the public water system. Even with a bypass valve in place. It is prohibited.

Backflow is when a drop in the incoming water pressure allows a reverse flow from a homeowner’s plumbing system back into the public water system. For ex- ample, if you have a garden hose submerged to fill a bucket, Jacuzzi, fish tank, etc., and the water system suddenly loses pressure, the flow of water can be reversed, sucking any contaminants in the water back into the system.

Cross connection control is extremely important in public water systems as it is a matter of public health and safety. Many contamination issues in public water systems, including bacteria from sewage, are not due to the water source but are due to cross-connections. Therefore, it is very important that all customers are aware of the dangers and take necessary precautions. REMEMBER – The Cross Connect- ion Control Program is for your protection and your neighbors’ protection.

Marlinton will initiate a survey to help maintain our compliance with the WVDHHS Cross Connection Control and Backflow Preven- tion Program. It will be crucial that we/the Town of Marlinton receive responses from all water customers.