“The IMBA Snowshoe Highlands Ride Center is one of the most important tourism development projects of our county’s recent history,” said Cara Rose, executive director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau. When we get through COVID, our recreation economy is positioned to grow significantly, especially in the mountain biking segment.

This week, I want to inform you of a SHARC in Pocahontas County. This particular SHARC has grown out of the relationship developed while proceeding through the IMBA application process and the resulting Bronze designation. SHARC is short for Snowshoe Highlands Area Recreation Collaborative. The SHARC group is moving forward with implementing the short-and-long-term planning to reach Silver designation for the Ride Center.

Ultimately, SHARC will be aiming for Gold status in the next three-to-five years. When achieved, the Snowshoe Highland Ride Center could be the first Gold Ride Center on the east coast. The economic benefits of becoming Silver and Gold will be long lasting, and will bring dollars and opportunity to our county and region.

Achieving these goals will establish Pocahontas County as a world class mountain biking destination.