Hopefully, the Raw Water Intake Improvement project, at the corner of Ninth Avenue and 11th Street, should be complete by the time you read this. The project had been intended to be completed before the new paving went down. Sadly, that did not happen. This improvement had to begin by cutting through new asphalt. That was not supposed to be a part of the original plan. Stuff happens.

The self-pay water salesman at the water plant has been temporarily removed and sent away for re-programming. When returned, the coin-reader will accept paper currency, as it originally should have.

Until the reader is returned, all bulk water customers will have to purchase water during normal work hours. A water plant employee will have to be present at time of purchase. The self-pay option should be available again within six weeks.

Also, for your information, two levels of conference calls about wastewater continue to take place on a regular basis. The first, the Town is closing in on DEP Plans-of-Corrective Action (POCA) on two separate Consent Orders. Hopefully, these will be acceptable to DEP. The second, following the September Council meeting, the town is moving forward with preparations for smoke testing and evaluation of the existing wastewater treatment system. These test results will lead to identifying recommendations for the (new) proposed sewer system improvement project.


PS: I was reminded the other day, that I am old enough to remember when paper bags were blamed for the destruction of the trees – and plastic bags were the solution. Trees are the renewable resource.