I had a meeting with DARRE and Brownfield representatives Monday. Both programs are aimed at supporting communities in building an economy focused on downtown building redevelopment, small business development assistance, and community revitalization.

If you remember, in August 2019 Marlinton Town Council adopted the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. It’s success will be in implementing the plan. To follow through with projects already agreed on, the Town needs to stay focused on  implementing the Comprehensive Plan. The Plan provides the direction to move us forward. 

When grants are available to support the plan’s goals and objectives, I feel obligated to pursue what makes those goals and objectives possible. Downtown revitalization takes funding to revitalize underutilized proper- ties and attract developer investment. In the Town’s plan, Objective 3.2 reads: “Encourage workforce development in and around Marlinton.”

I do not know how or why Mondays in Marlinton became the day off for restaurants. Is it due to lack of staff or supply chain issues? Either way, it was ironic that my meeting with two visiting development representatives was to start at a local restaurant which was closed on Monday. 

One representative came from Morgantown, the other was from the Richwood area. They were ready for lunch. When they moved to the second restaurant and it was closed on Monday, it was a little embarrassing. Later, taking our tour of Town, I realized four of the five downtown restaurants were closed on Monday. 

Can we agree, it is hard to “Encourage workforce development in and around Marlinton” on Monday?