The Town’s long-awaited online payment program is finally in service – but not without a few start-up issues. Some users have experienced problems logging in. 

If you have any questions, please call the office at 304-799-4315. If we do not have an immediate answer, we will get the answer for you. Hopefully, the process will become easier for all to use before the next billing cycle. 

As a part of the sewer system evaluation, the Smoke Testing that began in May has been completed. The findings revealed significant issues, particularly in the downtown area of Marlinton. Contributing factors to Marlinton’s sewer system problems include 27 storm inlet connections, several buried or “paved-over” manholes, broken sewer lines and laterals. 

Broken sewer lines are the Town’s responsibility. However, many of the issues will have to be addressed by customers and/or property owners. A list of deficiencies has been identified in the report by property address, with pictures and videos of the specific deficiencies. These identified property owners will have the responsibility of correcting those deficiencies.

This report will serve as the basis and justification for the Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council (IJDC) funding application, which will be submitted in December. As such, property owners with identified deficiencies will be notified, sometime before the first of the year.