Wastewater treatment and the evaluation of the Town of Marlinton’s treatment system continue to be an important issues. Discussions, from four years ago, included the issue and became a part of the town’s comprehensive plan, which was adopted in August 2019.

Local citizens were instrumental in helping to develop the plan. Throughout the process, citizen involvement was exceptional. The open house was well attended and provided great input. People attended the regular planning commission meetings to offer comments and suggestions. The open house was important, not only to have a conversation with the public about the process, but also to ensure that the work completed up to that point was consistent with the general public’s concerns.

Accordingly, the town council has developed a plan to proceed with smoke testing as a part of the preliminary plans that will lead to a more detailed budget. This work is needed to develop a design that will ensure the town’s wastewater treatment system is compliant with relevant state and federal regulations. The alternative is ever increasing threat of fines from Division of Environmental Protection (DEP).

During a Veterans Day Ceremony November 11, 1961, President John F. Kennedy included the following statement in his remarks: “In the end, the only way to maintain the peace is to be prepared in the final extreme to fight for our country – and to mean it.”

This week, and always, let each of us be thankful for our veterans, past and present, who were willing to fight, and proved they meant it, by their willingness to serve.