My article dealing with a Third Avenue sewer project seemed major when I started, but in light of the early Monday morning flooding, now it seems very minor. Lower Third Avenue sewer problems have contributed to complaints in the area of the Greenbrier Building.

For economic reasons, the Town often works at bits and pieces of repairs, doing only what has to be done in an attempt to save dollars. Leading up to the response plan to repair this problem, the sewer line was opened in three separate locations along lower Third Avenue and the same problem was identified at each location. We all know about tree roots getting into sewer lines, but this section is totally and completely blocked.

The $2,898.20 permit and delivery of materials took weeks. The starting point of the project, near 12th Street was so full of roots, that the bell connections at the ends of the old terra-cotta tile sections were cracked and separated.

This is a big project for a small town. It will be expensive. But it is very necessary and was planned to begin Monday morning – but the flooding put a stop to that. So now, we must wait a couple more days. The ground is saturated with ground water and the distribution lines are full.

Our patience has been tried getting to this point, and yours may be tried before we are finished. But we will finish. Thank you.