A representative from the town of Clay recently inquired about our splash pad. 

When other towns, news organizations, broadband groups and architecture and biking magazines are calling Marlinton, we must be doing something right, or at least different. 

Over the past nine months, Marlinton was one of two towns in the nation targeted as communities working to secure broadband in Rural America. BikeTown magazine sent a team from Bellingham, Washington, last fall to focus on the Mountain Biking product in Marlinton and Pocahontas County. More recently, an architectural magazine from Chicago was doing an article on alternate land use in flood-prone communities. Morgantown and Marlinton were the two communities called on in West Virginia. Discovery Junction was the facility highlighted in Marlinton – a multi-purpose public space, sensitive of storm- water runoff. Good, bad, or in between, Zoom options have become the meeting norm during COVID. 

Last, but not least, the advertising date of March 28 is approaching. Interviewing for a Hubcap/Vista candidate for the Town of Marlinton will begin shortly after that, based on the responses for the position of Recreational Economy Coordinator (REC).