There is so much work in progress, it is hard to give a good description to any single point.
To inform you of some of the thoughts and work that are either on the table or in motion, here are points
of discussion from last week’s HubCap meeting.
Directly and indirectly, there will continue to be a focus on mountain biking. Some conversation centered
around what Marlinton has to offer as well as what is needed that is missing; how to leverage momentum
on usage of the river, the GBR Trail, Monday Lick trail system, Wetland project, Overlook project,
Stillwell pump track, Discovery Junction, First Fridays, and other potential events.
So nothing is left behind, these several moving parts required the development of a prioritized action plan.
A committee is looking at ways for existing businesses to leverage recreation tourism.
Also, plans are underway to identify specific business gaps, such as identifying building space and
facilities that can meet a specific need. Lots of data research is available and more is being gathered.
The committee does not want to duplicate work while others are working on similar goals.
A recent Richwood study, IMBA research, Mon Forest Business Initiative, Mon Forest Towns Research,
WVU Extension Service, and an upcoming Snowshoe Highlands Area Recreation Collaborative –
Strategic Plan will tie more detailed steps into an overall plan.
The Town recognizes that this work supports and reinforces the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, which was
adopted August 2019. The project spreadsheet is critical for town council and community support.
This body of work will support IMBA Gold status, encouraging IMBA investment in Marlinton.
In the short term, there will be a legitimate concern about promoting an experience that does not yet
exist. We must be aware and walk a thin line, while marketing the Town of Marlinton as a
destination location, as infrastructure is created to support an increase in the number of visitors.