Like old friends who have stuck together through thick and thin, the Town of Marlinton, located alongside the Greenbrier River, conjures up such a relationship. We have had our times of opposition. But one would not be the same without the other. Throw in the 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail, “Discovery Junction” and the Pocahontas County Opera House, and we make quite a team. Each serves up a variety of community events and musical performances in the heart of downtown Marlinton. Together, recreation opportunities abound, and we seize upon each one of them. The soon to be hired Recreational Economy Coordinator, coupled with the (DARRE) program, should be another amazing duo. Each will complement our natural surroundings and expand each to its fullest. With just a little pun intended – If the new REC can deliver on a (DARRE), this team will increase capacity within the Town of Marlinton. Selling what we have will develop recreational activities and build a thriving local economy, based on the many outdoor resources in the county and region.

The Town of Marlinton Recreation Economy Coordinator (REC) VISTA will work toward this vision by serving as a liaison between the Town of Marlinton and multiple community partners to build a sustainable recreation economy by promoting the town as a top-tier recreation destination within the Snowshoe Highlands Area IMBA Ride Center.
Stay tuned. Good things are starting to happen.