While informing the community of future recreation economic plans, I want local businesses and local lenders to be aware: Someone you may currently be doing business with could be the industrial/manufacturing partner we are looking for for the Edray Industrial Park Building. Filling that space will remain a high priority until it is humming with industry – of one kind or the other.
The industrial park was the reason for the Edray water and sewer extension in 1995-96. Who would have thought it would take this long? But we cannot stop reaching out to potential tenants.
Greenbrier Economic Development Corporation Director Ruthanna Beezley and I speak often about possible new businesses and existing businesses looking to expand. Wood products or a recreational product seem the most likely fit. The good news is, we have an industrial space to offer.
On the recreational economy front, the construction of the Monday Lick and Halfway Run trails will remain of the highest priority, because of what they can do for our local economy. We have the plan. All we need is the funding.
Action steps for local leaders will be to work with other entities to support grant writing and fundraising efforts for trail construction. The Marlinton Listens group can support this greater effort by coordinating local, complementary improvements that will make Marlinton shine as a trail town. These action steps, in terms of trail projects, will include the building out of the Overlook Trail. The Notice of Award is now two years old, and no check. Construction can begin once funds are released. Developing the wetlands area into a community park with trails and boardwalk remains a part of the overall plan.

On another positive economic development note, I expect a site visit to the location of the future Verizon cell tower site on Third Avenue. Actual base construction should begin the following week with stacking of the tower starting by mid-August.