We had anticipated and were excited at your coming. Now, we are even more excited to see you go.

But get ready! Get ready! Get ready! We’re looking ahead to 2021, expecting it to be a wonderful year of
recovery and rebuilding, powered, in part, by a decision made across the eastern mountains in Virginia,
almost 200 years ago.

So it was, on December 21, 1821, the Virginia General Assembly created Pocahontas County. That will
soon be an anniversary of 200 years and worthy of celebration. As we move further into this New Year,
you and others will be hearing more and more about this year-long Bicentennial Celebration.

Now, with the clock ticking and years of planning turning into just months until show-time, I want to
commend this group of volunteers for their vision and dedication to bringing this idea to fruition. The
goal is to highlight our county and its historic origin, in a broad and storied way.

To that end, this core-group has been working tirelessly on various activities to celebrate this
extraordinary event and the unique place we call home.

To our advantage, our sister-state of Virginia, soon realized they did not possess the grit it would take to
handle the rougher terrain and changing climate on the western slope of the same mountain ranges. This is
a Pocahontas County celebration.

But, as Mayor of what became the county-seat, it has given me a unique opportunity, as well.
That is to say: Marlinton – where the community is older than the county, and the county is older than the
state. Come, learn our history and explore our scenic surroundings. Both should come with a warning
attached. Known to be habit-forming, making you want to return again and again.