Last week, I received my “Dear John” letter from Senator Man-chin’s office, regarding funding for the Marlinton Sewer project. 

The letter stated that a total of 535 Congressional Discretionary Spending (CDS) requests were received from West Virginians for the Fiscal Year 2022 annual appropriations bill. Just 87 of these projects were selected for funding. 

This was the first time in 10 years that members have been allowed to submit CDS requests. The total amount of money was also capped at one percent of discretionary spending, which resulted in a very competitive process.

Unfortunately, our application was not selected this year. The letter did encourage us to apply again next year, and to increase our chances of success, the Town is urged to follow up with the relevant federal agency or entity to request a meeting to discuss the project in more detail.

This project is very important to the Town of Marlinton. We will have to prepare a better application next time.