The first Month of the New Year is off to a busy start.

The wheels are in motion for the opening of the public restrooms at the baggage building on the Depot
property. However, electrician schedules and weather have slowed the process.

A meeting of the wetlands committee took place at the water tank on the Greenbrier River Trail. The
conversation centered around proposed signage for the site and other potential locations.

The search last week for a significant water leak has been located in the Riverside area. In addition, the
Town has applied for the necessary permits and the materials have been ordered to replace much of the
sewer line along lower Third Avenue. Last week held a wide variety of issues including complaints of bad
trees, dumpsters with no lids, and more.

In spite of the disappointing news that Frontier Communication managed to obtain the West Virginia low
bids as a result of the FCC RDOF Auction, many Frontier customers were shocked to learn Frontier was
even allowed to bid. Worse yet, the broad territory awarded includes Pocahontas County.

Those who have worked the hardest in the past continue to work toward equal access to reliable and
affordable broadband service for all. From the city to our rural county farms, all need access to better
Broadband service.