It is the responsibility of all animal owners to provide extra care for their animals during cold weather.

Sec. 3-104. of the Town’s Animal and Fowl Ordinance states, in part: “With regard to cruelty to animals, it shall be unlawful for any person:
• To fail, refuse or neglect to provide any animal in his or her charge or custody as owner or otherwise with proper food, drink, shade, care or shelter; provided that for purposes of this subsection any animal kept outside shall be provided with a structurally sound weatherproof enclosure, large enough to accommodate the animal;
• To abandon any animal, to leave an animal for more than 12 hours without providing adequate food, water and shelter for the duration of the absence, or to turn out or release an animal for the purpose of causing it to be impounded; or to leave an animal confined in a closed vehicle without adequate ventilation.

When Tethering or Restraining any Animals, Sec. 3-105 of the same ordinance states that a dog or puppy shall not be restrained by a fixed point chain or tether for more than twelve (12) consecutive hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period. Any chain shall be at least fifteen (15) feet long. Any tethering system employed shall not allow the dog or puppy to leave the owner’s property. No chain or tether shall weigh more than one-eighth (1/8) of the dog or puppy’s weight. Any chain or tether shall be at least fifteen (15) feet in length and have swivels on both ends. Any chain or tether shall be attached to a properly fitting collar (no choke chain collars) or harness worn by the animal.

Violations of this ordinance shall be subject to the enforcement, adjudication and penalty according to provisions of Section 3-106.