Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Christmas brings family and friends together like no other holiday. Decorating and exchanging gifts is only a part. The Marlinton Christmas Parade last Friday evening exhibited all of that and more. When compared to the true meaning of Christmas, the Grinch should know by now, he has not even the slightest chance at stealing Christmas. Try as he will, it just won’t happen.

While the Grinch failed at stealing Christmas, it may be said that Mitchell Chevrolet has succeeded at saving the Christmas Parade. Their sponsorship of cash prizes to first, second and third place floats has certainly added an extra boost to the enthusiasm. It was evident that a lot of thought and work went into putting together the more than 15 registered floats. Thanks to Lauren Bennett for all she does to organize the parade.

Many have since commented about seeing the Star-link satellites pass overhead to start the parade. With tongue-in-cheek, I have said that was the hardest part is to set up! Nevertheless, the floats themselves were only exceeded by the happy faces along the parade route.

At the end of the parade, seeing families waiting patiently in line for hot chocolate, and the smiles on children’s faces as they waited to sit on Santa’s lap at Discovery Junction was enough to cause the Grinch and the WHOVille mayor’s hearts to grow three sizes.
Thanks again to Star Barlow and Sam Dunn for serving the hot chocolate.

The Joys of Christmas, all made possible by the birth of a babe in a manager, more than two thousand years ago.