The Traffic Light Control Project and contractor Specialty Group, Inc. has been a point of attention throughout the month of November and possibly will be for months to come.

Also, progressing is the Verizon Cell Tower project, across Third Avenue from Lucy’s Grocery – just not progressing as quickly as we would like. But, let me say again, the tower is not finished and will not be until the outer white skin continues to the top of the tower, as it is currently only on the bottom portion. Hopefully, by the time the cell tower is finished, we will have a design for a trail head parking lot around the tower. A utility pole has been added that will house another security camera in the existing parking area.

Regional Optical Communication has hired The Thrasher Group to conduct a statewide Broadband Study. When completed, the study will be used to coordinate and connect the many broadband projects planned throughout the state.

J.P. Duncan has been hired as Flood-Plain Manager for the Town of Marlinton and will begin in this position Monday December 5.

The Overlook Trail was roughed in during November. It will rest for the winter and be completed in early spring 2023.

Even without Main Street lighting, it looked like a great turnout for the Christmas Parade last Friday evening. Thanks to those that directed and all who participated in making this event a great success. Thanks again to Mitchell Chevrolet for their support.
We appreciate all of you working together for the benefit of the community.