The out-of-service fire hydrant on Hamilton Hill has been replaced and the one in Brush Country has been repaired.

IMBA’s Trails Solutions representatives have returned to Marlinton and laid out a proposed route for The Overlook Trail.

The asphalt overlay, at Ninth Avenue and 11th Street was part of the Intake Project.

The final connection of a “pinch-valve” will allow for the pass-through of raw water, when the water-plant is shut-down. The objective is to eliminate buildup of sedimentation in the line when the plant is not calling for water. This completes this portion of improvements.

You may have seen white vans running around town in the last two weeks. The Town of Marlinton used a change order from the water plant improvement project to replace old water meters with newer electronic- read meters. The newer meters will move the town a step closer to the ability to bill monthly. By the time you read this, the work should be complete.