Marlinton is one of 10 cities currently in the Mon-Forest Towns Partnership program. A recreation economy initiative aimed at jump-starting local economies by focusing on and highlighting all of the outdoor recreation opportunities that are available in our region.

During this time of COVID-19 awareness and social distancing what could be better than visiting “Natures Mountain Playground?”In order to help families navigate the area, you will soon be seeing signage that complements this endeavor. When Marlinton installs its additional signage, we intend to do a ceremony of some sort to recognize our participation in the program. We hope there is press coverage around these events as they happen. Last week, I traveled to Petersburg to be a part of their Ribbon Cutting event.

A design team from WVU helped to narrow down a recognizable and branded sign while using subtle differences in the design that depicts various amenities and opportunities within each of the Mon-Forest Towns’ unique areas.

The MFTP received a small grant for purchasing promotional materials and to do more research about how to develop the MFTP brand. At some point, we hope to sell promotional materials and use the profits to further fund the program. To lead that effort, the MFTP Board is pleased to know that Cara Rose will serve as Chair of the Marketing Committee, to promote and advertise the partnership.