Do you need help financing a business expansion or are you thinking about launching a new business? Do you need help with a business plan?

The August 6 First Friday event will include Heather Hannah, a business representative from The Woodlands Group. Heather will be there to provide answers to your business questions.
The Woodlands Development Group is a nonprofit based in Elkins.

They started out as a housing and community development organization. In more recent years, they branched out and created Woodlands Community Lenders, which allows them to do small business lending as well, helping to boost the local economy through assisting in new business creation and existing business growth.

The Mon Forest Business Initiative (MFBI) was created by Woodlands Community Lenders in partnership with Natural Capital Investment Fund, to serve the counties of the Monongahela National Forest. The MFBI provides one-on-one assistance to new, existing or aspiring business owners throughout the Mon Forest Region, with the purpose of helping grow the tourism and recreation industries.

Two advisors, one in the northern part of the region and one in the southern part, work closely with clients on any number of needs, such as business planning, financial projections, preparation for lending or just bouncing around ideas. MFBI also has access to Technical Assistance funds, essentially funding to help clients pay for professional services, such as logo and website development, working with a CPA, legal needs, etc.

Come and talk with Hannah and see if your plan fits the Woodlands Development Group program.