An update for your information.

DOH communications regarding Third Avenue STOP-signs: they should be visible next week. The Marlinton Town Council held a special meeting Monday evening to discuss various citizen concerns. Many efforts are in place to address these concerns. Be assured that your Town Council is no more happy with some of the present conditions than you are.

Things happen that are not a part of our plans. State, county and local law enforcement had planned to be at the special meeting, but were called to a situation in the northern end. Also, Monday was the Town’s fourth meeting in 120 years using ZOOM – but not without aggravation. The video ZOOM feature works great, our audio is terrible, especially in the auditorium. We expect this type of format to continue, so we will upgrade our system.

As we continue efforts to tap into the growing recreation economy, Mon-Forest Towns Partnership Meetings continue, (watch for new signage). Through this program, we have a collaborative design with Richwood for signage at the Hills Creek parking area.

The Town has received a state grant toward phase I construction of a proposed Overlook Project. This is a good example of submitting grant applications for funding, that may fit particular parts of an overall plan. Council approved pursuing funding at its December 2017 meeting. Until a couple of months ago, I would have thought this project would not come about until much later. As it turns out, the grant was approved and initial funding awaits. Now, a local match is being pursued and a state project manager has already visited Marlinton. He confirmed aspects of the project and liked everything he saw. More details later.

As for the Wetland Project, the required Delineation Report is complete. Now, an engineering design plan and cost estimate is advancing and will be used to pursue other grant funding sources. This project can turn an unused mess into an asset.

Water Plant Quality Reports are current and good. A meeting this week will determine how to proceed with improvement at the Intake. The new VAC-Trailer makes a horrendous sound when running, but does a good job and will be useful in cleaning inlets. The Maintenance Department has finished flushing hydrants. At least two hydrants will require repairs or replacement.

The Planning Commission held its most recent meeting on the Discovery Junction Stage. From downtown to Campbelltown, citizen concerns cover lines, tree cutting and trimming, sidewalks and more.

Thanks to Gail Hyer, Sarah Irvine and Ann Mitchell for their work to bring the Marlinton website to completion.

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