Attention: Dog Owners 

You are responsible for your dogs. See that they are contained when you are away from home, and on a leash when walking them. 

The following is another reason why: 

At approximately 1:40 p.m. Saturday, April 9, two large dogs were running loose in the proximity of the courthouse. One black dog and one of a lighter color went into a yard where a smaller dog was tied. The larger dogs did not attack the smaller dog, but the owner did not know that. As a matter of fact, when the owner went to rescue her dog, the larger dogs barked and got closer, which scared her even more. This may not have been such a scary situation, except this lady had previously been attacked by two dogs which resulted in injuries and a stay in the hospital. The little dog she had at that time never fully recovered. She still has nightmares about the incident. 

Responsible pet owners take responsibility for their pets. 

Residents should not have to fear walking out into their own yards.