The Mon-Forest Towns Partnership quarterly Board Meeting will be held this month, on July 26th, in Marlinton. One of the MFT goals, yet to be completed, is to number the new business startups and/or expansions across the twelve gateway Towns, within the eight county region. 


   But, before those statistics are tabulated for Marlinton and Pocahontas County, I wanted to recognize present businesses that has been operating for many years, without the benefit of the fanfare that outside marketing campaigns can provide.


  For instance, C. J. Richardson Hardware was a fifth generation business in Marlinton, before closing it’s doors a couple of years ago. Burns Motor Freight is in it’s 75th year of operations, growing from a 1-truck business to a company serving thirty-three states and 2 provinces of Canada.  


   Last week, I referenced another local business that had operated at the same location for more than 68 years. As it turns out, that number is closer 70 years. The individual responsible for this business, was born and raised in Pocahontas County. After graduating high school, he went off to serve his country during the Korean Conflict. After returning home he worked as a plumber and a mechanic. Shortly afterward, this young man started an automobile parts business that continues to do business to this day. The products offered include chainsaws and lawn-care equipment, to name a few.  If you have ever needed a gasket for anything or an additive for an engine, chances are you have been there. We know this business simply as Motor Parts. The owner-manager is Junior Davis. For nearly 70 years, Junior has faithfully served those around him and “Telling him THANK You”, seemed overdue.


  WORK is so under-appreciated in our day, I believe, the work-ethic that built this country needs to be recognized as often as possible. So, here’s to; Parts store proprietor, husband, father, grand-father, Farmer, School Bus driver, avid hunter and sportsman. We Salute you and Thank You for his service.   


   On August 1st, 1960,  Junior married Charlotte Landis, and moved to the farm he owns and operates on SR92 north of Minnehaha Springs. So, Happy 63rd Anniversary Junior and Charlotte. You are both an inspiration, to all who know you.