With a few exceptions, the State DOH has control of the majority of streets, in Marlinton. Consequently, the State paves streets where they believe the worst spots are. The paving that took place in Marlinton over the last couple of weeks looks great. Actually, I was pleased to see the Town receive more paving than expected. However, it’s never enough to please everyone. So, I hear the complaints where streets were not paved.
Just to name a few such areas, paving did not take place on Hamilton Hill, Thomastown Road, or Lakeview. The biggest complaint is about a section of one of the busiest streets. For some, the question is, what about 8th Street? From SR39 to 10th Avenue and the deep holes at, or around street drains. Both are legitimate grips. Here’s my answer.
Even though the State owns the streets, the Town is responsible for providing the risers around the drains, when paving. (I’m not sure how that works)? The paving took place with about three days notice and the Town had no risers in inventory, to set at time of paving. Until those corrections can be made “I am considering painting around those spots, to send a visual signal to slow or turn away.”
As for no paving on 8th Street, I have asked that question since the last paving was completed, in that part of Town. Keep in mind, State Route 39 is 8th Street as it comes through Town. However, when 8th street turns off SR39, the State does not claim it, between there and 10th Avenue. I contend it was a clerical error when the other streets were taken over by the State. They say no. For now, the State wins that argument, so it doesn’t get paved. The Town can not afford to pave it, at this time.
Also, on an other subject, Pocahontas County is not the only county with trash issues. The Beckley Common Council recently voted to temporarily deed the former city trash dump to New River Gorge Regional Development Authority (NRGRDA), to have the land cleaned as part of an $8 million development project. There is nothing cheap about trash.