The Town election is over for another four years. Next is a canvassing of ballots that will determine the final count for certification. Swearing in of the new council is planned for Thursday the 29th. Before continuing, I want to commend all candidates who put themselves on the ballot for election this year. It takes a certain amount of confidence in self and a willingness to try (and sometimes fail) for the benefit of others. Candidates must be willing targets. Again, for the benefit of people they do not know, and for others who do not care.

I can say it worked for me this year, so why even mention a low voter turnout? The number of candidates on this year’s ballot would make you think people were dissatisfied with local government. Usually, it is when citizens are upset with current conditions that they care about voting. Low voter turnout would make you think otherwise. Some say if the voter is uninformed, they would rather they not vote, than to make an uninformed vote. That is what we saw this time. So, contrary to popular opinion, low voter turnout may have been a good thing. Nevertheless, the process deserves more, and low citizen participation (to me) means many do not know, and worse yet do not care!

When local election turnout is low, even a few votes can make a difference. Council members have lost by one vote in the past. It could happen again this time. Yet, in what is one of the most democratic countries, we cannot get more than half of our population to vote regularly. This is a sad commentary on our society. Don’t know – Don’t care.

For instance, Covid-19 caused the council to begin using zoom as an option for attending meetings. Now, citizens (and others) can attend from the comfort of their own homes. Few take advantage of this option. These options were implemented for the benefit of any interested parties. It creates more work and time spent, for a population that shows little or no concern for what is happening in their own community.

Elections of mayors, recorders, and council members often happen by uninformed voters who are rolling the dice. That is bad enough at the local level, but what I see at the national level scares me. How many people are even aware when hundreds of state and local judges are up for election? Federal Judges can influence laws that affect residents across state lines.

The Mayors Corner was intended to inform. “Know before you buy – Know before you build”.

I had planned to shift from the Mayors Corner to the Pastor’s Perspective, in July, but now it looks like (Lord willing), the Mayors Corner and I both remain. At least for now.

Luke 16:10 says; He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much:

Until next time…