This Mayors Corner includes some information from a Zoom Meeting on Tourism, that I attended this morning. Thirty-seven attendees from around the State were joined in the meeting. An assortment of Town and county representatives. Some from economic development, both public and private. A thirty-minute breakout was a part of the session. An average of six representatives were in each group and given the same questions for discussion. 

  Some findings revealed, we like most, have the biggest challenge in funding and capacity. Another concern, most communities are determined to keep the uniqueness of their respective community, and that is a good thing. Maintaining that unique charm was a reservation of our Town council with regard to joining the Mon-Forest Towns Partnership. Each community’s determination to keep their individual community flavor is already set by the people who live there. 

  After the breakout session, other community comments were shared. For instance, where should communities look for examples to follow. Some said; Bentonville, AR and Asheville, NC. Others said Marlinton! What programs are working? In WV, The Mon-Forest Towns Partnership was an answer!

  Marlinton’s population, in 1950, was 1645. The 50’s and 60’s are the era that residents remember when talking about the excitement of busy streets and all that was going on, in the old days. According to the last census, 998 is the current population. Growth happened here once and it can happen again. Prayer and a vibrant economy  can change things, in a positive way. Part of Tourism has to do with  getting people to our State, for rest and recreation. Tourism can be the biggest red-carpet of all. Because, some will decide to stay. 

  In other happenings; Last week, I received a call from Hillsboro. Was I (Mayor of Marlinton), outlawing chickens in the county? My Answer was No. I couldn’t if I did want to. You can not keep them in Marlinton, except for a certain exception, but I like eggs too much to ever outlaw them. They wanted to hear from the horses mouth and I said they must have been talking to the wrong end of the horse.

  After hours traffic in and through Mountain View Cemetery has got to be stopped. Expect the gate to be locked in early evening. Hours and process will have to be worked out, but be ready. 

  You may have noticed the kiosk that was ran over, at the GRT parking lot, on 9th street. Someone should have significant right side front end damage to the responsible vehicle. I would pay fifty-dollars for information that leads to a conviction. 

  Lastly, to whomever runs the “Community to Make Marlinton Beautiful”. Please be advised the Secretary of State “filing date of 1/27 for election” has a caveat. (unless different by Town ordinance). Marlinton Town ordinance reads the first Monday following the first Saturday in February, which is February 6th, and by 4pm.  Note; the list of candidates is growing and you have until next Monday.

Until next time…