2023 October activity Report.

Much of this weeks Mayors Corner comes from the October Mayors Report to Town Council and is a collage of various meetings and topics. There is too much work going on to be specific about any one thing.

Lots of effort is going into the Home Rule application before it can be presented to the public. Requests for water service seems routine. Some services take time.

During October, I toured the Town with a mural artist. Attended County Commission meetings and GO402 Public Training. Met with Conservation Agency for a Team inspection at Smith Lake and followup on Marlin Run. Calls, emails, contracts, and communications on various code issues. Heard and followed up on GRT complaints.

Broadband Zoom and Sharc zoom meeting, Monday Lick program discussions. Communicate and coordinate with volunteers on Discovery Junction garden cleanup. Housing Task Force meeting. Communicate w/CWPO on EPA’s Compliance Advisor program. Meet with contractor at Greenbrier Hill water tank for plan to complete Overlook Trail project. (Forgot the Auditor Training in Beckley). Did I mention tree-trimming and cutting of problem trees?

MFTP Executive Board zoom, (prep for 11/6 Capital Christmas Tree visit), Special Day Report Meeting. Represent Mon-Forest Town Partnership at presentation to Durbin Town Council. Traveled to Richwood for MFT Quarterly Board meeting, followed by Tour of new businesses, in Richwood. The recreation economy is working through out the region.

The Mountain Transit Authority coordinated bus shuttles during the Monday Lick Ribbon Cutting. I inspected trail work around the Greenbrier Hill water tank. Another contractor has worked on the municipal building doing followup roof work. A USDA Rural Tourism webinar and other Routine activities have been a part of October activity.

A meeting with Mon-Power lighting designer will have to be rescheduled due to an unforeseen emergency.