Know before you buy. 

Know before you build.

The general rule of thumb is that everything needs a permit, and permits must be applied for before starting any projects.

The community team of volunteers in Marlinton, Pocahontas County and within the Mon Forest region, understood their ability to capitalize on the growing interest in mountain biking. Located a short drive from Snowshoe, Marlinton is leaning into the work to develop a more robust network of mountain biking trails.

With the HubCAP program concluded, DARRE will soon take its place. To bring more visitors, while creating healthy activities for citizens, Marlinton focused on the growing popularity of mountain biking. That popularity continues to grow in West Virginia as new mountain biking trails are created.

Cold weather and recent heavy frosts have finally brought an end to the beautiful flowers on Main Street. But they will serve us for one more week, as the dead flowers are now a part of the Halloween Decorations. The flowers and the corn stalks will come down soon after the holiday.