The Mon Forest Towns Partnership is a collaborative partnership among 10 towns located in and around the Monongahela National Forest, the US Forest Service, USDA Rural Development, and West Virginia University Extension Service. Currently, the 10 Mon Forest Towns include Cowen, Elkins, Davis, Franklin, Marlinton, Parsons, Petersburg, Richwood, Thomas, and White Sulphur Springs. These rural communities act as gateways to the nearly 1 million acres that make up the Mon National Forest and are working together to diversify economic development and enhance the quality of life for the region’s residents and visitors. The Partnership’s vision is to strengthen the economic, social, and physical connections among the communities in order to generate tangible positive outcomes based around a regional outdoor recreation economy. The Mon Forest Towns website provides a regional recreation asset map, information on each town within the Partnership, and other resources for both residents and visitors to the region.