The Marlinton Town Council consists of a Mayor, Recorder and five Council members. Election for all seven positions is held every four years.

The Marlinton Town Council meets on the first Monday of the month. An agenda is posted at Town Hall and advertised via local radio stations the week before. Meetings are held at the Town Council Chambers at Town Hall 709 2nd Avenue Marlinton WV 24954 at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified. Members of the public are welcome to attend and have a designated time to bring up issues to the Town Council.

The Mayor presides over deliberations of the Town Council, preserves order, enforces Town Council rules and determines the order of business under the rules; plusIs a voting member of the Town Council.Shall have no veto power and shall sign all ordinances passed by the Town Council after their passing.Appoints members of committees established by the Town Council.Appoints other persons required by the Town Council to be so appointed.Represents the Town in all partnerships and grants previously approved by Town Council.Oversees Town of Marlinton employees

The Mayor, Recorder, and five Council members together constitute the governing body of the Town’s government in accordance with WV Code and ordinances. Authority for the annual budget, staffing and employee concerns, oversight of the various committees and commissions, development of the Town, and other issues of town governance lies with the Town Council in its democratic mandate to serve the community.

Mayor, Sam Felton

Recorder, Mary Clendenen

Council Members

               Olivia Dean

               Scott Gibb

               Tom Miller

               Joe Smith

               Roger Trusler