Mayors Corner October 14, 2021

I had a meeting with DARRE and Brownfield representatives Monday. Both programs are aimed at supporting communities in building an economy focused on downtown building redevelopment, small business development assistance, and community revitalization. If you remember, in August 2019 Marlinton Town Council adopted the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. It’s success will be in implementing the plan. To follow through with projects already agreed on, the Town needs to stay focused on  implementing the Comprehensive Plan. The Plan provides the direction to move us forward.  When grants are available to support the plan’s goals and objectives, I feel obligated to pursue what [...]

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Mayors Corner October 7, 2021

This week’s Mayors Corner is robbed from portions of my Mayor’s Report to Council of September activities.  The Mon-Forest Towns Partnership (MFTP) Grants Committee Meeting was held the first of September for the purpose of an introduction to Downstream Stra-tegies, the firm hired through a grant from the Benedum Foundation. Downstream’s goal will be to manage the many grant applications for various projects throughout the MFTP footprint. Downstream will also keep an ear to the rail for other grant opportunities, while looking for funding to continue staff beyond the beginning contract.  So many grant opportunities are in the pipeline that [...]

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Mayor’s Corner Sept 30 2021

This week, I want to share a report from Pocahontas County Parks and Rec Director Lauren Bennett. Lauren was in Cass a couple of weeks ago and a woman walked past her, with a four to five year old child. The woman stopped, and said to her daughter, “You need to say thank you to that lady. She put in the splash pad.” The little girl looked up, and said “thank you.” The woman went on to say how much her family and others have enjoyed the splash pad. She said they used the splash pad a couple of times [...]

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Mayors Corner September 23 2021

What’s with all the trails, trails and more trails? The Music Trail continues to grow. The Quilt Trail was a huge success. The Bicentennial Trout Project caught the attention of our county. It presents the art community with the perfect opportunity to expand on its Art Trail in the county. What better time to build upon the Art Trail already present in Marlinton and Pocahontas County? In 2022, we will begin the transition from Bicentennial and move forward to Tricentennial. Artists should consider getting together to help to create a marketing buzz. Help your collections to be seen and appreciated. [...]

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Mayors Report September 16 2021

This week’s corner is from portions of the Mayor’s Report to Council for MAYORS REPORT to Council of August 2021 activities. A meeting was held with West Virginia Conservation Agency Representatives about removal of a huge weeping willow tree on Marlin Run. Working through an agreement with the Pocahontas County Commission, the tree should be removed before bad weather. Underwood Tree Service took out a dead tree at mini-park. I attended the 55th West Virginia Municipal League Conference at Wheeling. The best attendance ever, due to cancellation in 2020. More than 450 attended. I believe everyone involved will say that [...]

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Mayors Report September 9 2021

Not many events burn a collective memory into the minds of a nation’s people. For those of us, who were of age, September 11, 2001 was such an event. Lest we forget – a Remembrance Ceremony of 9-11 will be held Friday, September 10, at 5 p.m., at the Gazebo on Main Street in Marlinton. The Pocahontas County Honor Corps will be in attendance to present a 21-gun salute. It is hard to believe that 20 years have passed since that fateful fall day that, literally, changed the world as we had known it. We must never forget. Many lessons [...]

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Mayors Corner September 2 2021

What’s that black stuff in Knapps Creek? Is anything being done to correct it? These were the questions I kept trying to answer much of last week and will try to share what happened, in this Mayors’ Corner. Sunday before last, the Town of Marlinton, experienced an overflow at the combined sewer overflow (CSO). The CSO is located at the south end of the ball field and to the east side of the Railroad Bridge that crosses Knapp Creek. Yes – the black stuff is sewer, mixed with ground water. Yes – the Town reported the spill to the Division [...]

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Mayors Corner August 19 2021

This past April, Verizon Wireless reached out to The Town of Marlinton, seeking an opportunity to bring their cell service to our Town. I viewed the proposal as an opportunity that could help to stabilize costs and provide competitive options for cell service within the Town, and provide a new monthly revenue stream. Much like the T-Mobile proposal, placing Verizon antennas on a Town owned property is a 21st century utility that is a benefit to citizens and visitors alike. With hindsight, I should have surveyed the community, before proceeding further. The Town Council received this proposal in much the [...]

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Mayors Corner August 12 2021

Last week, I attended three days of the 52nd West Virginia Municipal League Annual Conference. With COVID having canceled the 2020 Conference, this year’s attendance of 300+ was a record. More than one conference session centered around guidelines for using the American Rescue Funds – and the required reporting of the funds received. The AR Funds will be considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Expect none of the funds to be spent anytime soon. In coming months, Marlinton Town Council will be discussing the wisest options and prioritizing potential projects that will provide our community with the best end results possible. In [...]

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Mayors Corner August 5 2021

Do you need help financing a business expansion or are you thinking about launching a new business? Do you need help with a business plan? The August 6 First Friday event will include Heather Hannah, a business representative from The Woodlands Group. Heather will be there to provide answers to your business questions. The Woodlands Development Group is a nonprofit based in Elkins. They started out as a housing and community development organization. In more recent years, they branched out and created Woodlands Community Lenders, which allows them to do small business lending as well, helping to boost the local [...]

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