Mayor’s Corner December 8th, 2022

The Traffic Light Control Project and contractor Specialty Group, Inc. has been a point of attention throughout the month of November and possibly will be for months to come. Also, progressing is the Verizon Cell Tower project, across Third Avenue from Lucy’s Grocery – just not progressing as quickly as we would like. But, let me say again, the tower is not finished and will not be until the outer white skin continues to the top of the tower, as it is currently only on the bottom portion. Hopefully, by the time the cell tower is finished, we will have [...]

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Mayor’s Corner December 1st, 2022

I cannot tell you how many calls I have received from people asking if I know the lights are out on Main Street and voicing safety concerns because they are unable to see. You don’t typically think about needing a flashlight to walk down Main Street. Walkers and pedestrians have a right to complain, and I have – not yet – shared the phone number where the complaints should be directed. There is a legitimate concern for anyone who is not paying attention. They could fall onto upright mounting bolts, which could cause serious injury. What a fiasco! But the [...]

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Mayor’s Corner November 11th, 2022

At the very start of this week’s Mayors Corner, I want to commend our county Department of Highways. As many of us leave Pocahontas County and return again, we are made more aware of the fact that the condition of our highways and byways are certainly above average and then some. So, I want to make perfectly clear, my comments have nothing to do with Pocahontas County DOH management or staff. As a matter of fact, our local county DOH supervisor, just like the Town of Marlinton, received zero notice before the start of the current and on-going traffic control [...]

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Mayor’s Corner 11-3-22

Halloween will be behind us by the time you read this. Still, it is a good time to point out that there is a trick to the being a Destination Location. The proverbial trick is to have a Snowshoe Resort and IMBA Ride Center drawing people from around the world. Silver status has delivered a treat for Poca-Haunt-us County. Hotel-Motel tax is up 18 percent over the previous 12 months. GOLD status will Treat Poca-Haunt-us even better.  The Snowshoe Highlands Ride Center is currently one of only two Silver Level Ride Centers on the East Coast. This designation has propelled [...]

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Mayor’s Corner 10-27-22

Know before you buy.  Know before you build. The general rule of thumb is that everything needs a permit, and permits must be applied for before starting any projects. The community team of volunteers in Marlinton, Pocahontas County and within the Mon Forest region, understood their ability to capitalize on the growing interest in mountain biking. Located a short drive from Snowshoe, Marlinton is leaning into the work to develop a more robust network of mountain biking trails. With the HubCAP program concluded, DARRE will soon take its place. To bring more visitors, while creating healthy activities for citizens, Marlinton [...]

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Mayor’s Corner 10-20-22

ARC awards $1.5 million for Monday Lick Trail construction I had the opportunity to attend The Advancing Community Trails (ACT) workshop last Thursday and Friday, with at least seven county residents and approximately 50 others from the Mon-Forest Towns Partnership and beyond. The two-day workshop was led by WVU staff and trail development experts, with support of the Brad & Alys Smith Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative. The Smith OEDC workshop could not have happened at a better time.  Did you know economic impact studies document the many and substantial economic benefits generated by trails, including health and wellness. Did you [...]

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Mayor’s Corner September 1st, 2022

More fun things. to share The EPA Compliance Advisor Program will be providing customized templates and tools for Marlinton’s review of Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention. In the next few weeks, you will receive documents for additional information regarding implementation. For your information, a Cross-Connection is any physical connection between a possible source of contamination and the public water system. For example, if a homeowner uses a cistern or an old well for outdoor watering, it cannot be connected to pipes that are connected to the public water system. Even with a bypass valve in place. It is prohibited. Backflow [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 25th, 2022

Brad Armstrong, Marlinton’s VISTA Rec-reational Economy Coordinator (REC), was introduced to the community last week on the front page of The Pocahontas Times. Brad has invested his first few weeks on the job meeting various program representatives in person and vir- tually. The Marlinton Comprehensive Plan, Mon-Forest Town Spreadsheet and Marlinton Bike Plan has required a lot of reading in order to get up to speed and develop action steps to move a growing number of projects forward – which are already underway. A substantial part of beginning activities includes collaborating with other interested team members to plan the first [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 11th, 2022

I attended three days of the 53rd Annual Conference of the West Virginia Municipal League in Morgantown last week. The goal of the WVML Conference is to provide valuable and practical information that will benefit every municipal government and the communities they serve. They accomplished their goal.  At the Wednesday morning opening session, attendees experienced an opening prayer by one of our state department executives that made me glad to be in attendance. Following comments by Morgantown Mayor Jenny Selin, State Auditor J.B. McCuskey and others, I attended sessions on cybersecurity and employment law. Afternoon sessions touched upon Congressional Earmarks, [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 4th, 2022

An issue of harassment was brought before Marlinton Town Council at its July meeting. After hearing about the issue at hand, the complainant asked me to offer a response in the Mayor’s Corner. My response this week expands upon a shorter answer given at the meeting.  When a mayor or resident hears about something negative in our community it should be of concern to everyone within that community. We are living in extraordinary times. Crime, domestic issues, petty theft, homelessness, and all the associated problems attached to substance abuse continue to grow. But the problem of people treating people rudely, [...]

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