Mayors Corner 12.14.2023

Public work meets with its share of opposition. But community support does happen. For two years, local contractors have either been unequipped or too busy to assist the Town with electrical diagnostic assistance. As a rule, out of county contractors do not want to travel 300 miles round-trips and spend days without some expectation of recovering costs. Unable or unequipped to evaluate, it makes the bidding process cumbersome. When unable to produce a cost estimate on a project, funding to do repairs or replacement is extremely difficult. I am talking about Main Street lighting.  I hope some have noticed, as [...]

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Mayors Corner 12.07.2023

Sunday mornings worship service recognized the beginning of the Advent season. A time of preparation for celebrating the birth of Christ as we anticipate HIS Return. December 3rd was the first of the four Sabbath days, before Christmas Day. The first Advent Sunday is focused on HOPE. When asked why the Town charges for sewer services, when a house is empty, I HOPE the following provides an understanding of the why. At one point in time, The Town knew of numerous cases of residents in homes with all utilities turned off, using rain-water and river water to lush commodes. In [...]

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Mayors Corner 11.09.2023

2023 October activity Report. Much of this weeks Mayors Corner comes from the October Mayors Report to Town Council and is a collage of various meetings and topics. There is too much work going on to be specific about any one thing. Lots of effort is going into the Home Rule application before it can be presented to the public. Requests for water service seems routine. Some services take time. During October, I toured the Town with a mural artist. Attended County Commission meetings and GO402 Public Training. Met with Conservation Agency for a Team inspection at Smith Lake and [...]

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Mayors Corner 11.02.2023

Attitude or Perspective. Perspective or Attitude. It is all about both perspective and attitude. Two men looked through prison bars. One saw mud, the other Stars. Perspective depends on understanding the specifics of the matter. Attitude depends on how one or more set about addressing to the specifics of the matter. Some may just want to belly-ache without concern for either. The ad in last weeks Pocahontas Times suggested a new ordinance will set a monthly fee, because “Marlinton Town Council wants more money.” The ad itself suggests a lack of understanding wrapped in a poor attitude about the little [...]

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Mayors Corner 10.26.2023

As many of you know, the town has constructed a fence around the materials yard, at the 4th Avenue Shop. Some have wondered why, after all this time, would the town fence out our own citizens? Let me be very plain. The intent was not to fence out residents or make it harder for residents to dispose of trash. But, we did have to take measures to keep certain individuals off the premises during non-working hours. We had at least four reasons for doing so. Nightly dumpster divers would be reason number one. The mess left around the dumpsters was [...]

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Mayors Corner 08-31-23

Although we should have several good weeks left in summer, it is easy to see the changes that lead into another season. Autumn is fast approaching. Again, I remember Richard Barlow saying every year, “he brought fall home with him from the state fair.” So, get ready, the Fall Fireworks are about to begin. You don’t have to go to New England to experience the fall foliage. Make plans for a trip around the county. Be sure to include the scenic highway on your drive. At any of the scenic highway overlooks, it is easy to imagine Almost Heaven. With [...]

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Mayors Corner 8-24-23

As the name implies, The Conservation Fund (TCF) is another potential funding source helping to move the recreation economy forward in Marlinton and Pocahontas County. The TCF believes in conservation that makes economic sense. TCF is becoming more active in supporting initiatives that are “Activating the Natural Resource Economy” in areas such as the Okefenokee Region in southern GA, Coos County, NH, and PA Wilds in St. Marys, PA. Now, TCF has identified Mon Forest Towns Partnership as one of their “focus regions”. Recently, they provided funding for the design of the Marlinton Downtown Trailhead and have committed funds to [...]

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Mayors Corner 8-17-23

Last Wednesday the nineth, was a beautiful day for the Ribbon Cutting of the Joe and Peg Greenlee Rural Health Clinic. This addition will provide space for new and improved services at PMH. This beautiful addition is a tremendous asset for our area. A new and updated workspace will be a treat for staff to work in and all employees seemed anxious to get to work. They have been waiting to utilize personal talents with new equipment, and in a modern facility. By now, it should be known this Rural Health Care Facility is way past being referred to as [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July 27, 2023

Some people look to the Town to correct the local homeless problem. That issue is already well beyond what the Town can deal with. We move them from place to place. When the Town breaks up encampments and moves squatters off private property, we are doing all we can do. Would I like to see a homeless shelter, that we could take the homeless to when discovered? Of course. But the reality is if we had a homeless shelter, it would soon become another unmanageable mess for others to deal with. INDIVIDUALS TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IS WHAT WE NEED. Now, [...]

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Mayor’s Corner 7-20-23

The Mon-Forest Towns Partnership quarterly Board Meeting will be held this month, on July 26th, in Marlinton. One of the MFT goals, yet to be completed, is to number the new business startups and/or expansions across the twelve gateway Towns, within the eight county region.       But, before those statistics are tabulated for Marlinton and Pocahontas County, I wanted to recognize present businesses that has been operating for many years, without the benefit of the fanfare that outside marketing campaigns can provide.     For instance, C. J. Richardson Hardware was a fifth generation business in Marlinton, before closing [...]

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