Mayor’s Corner July 22 2021

Any economic development is going to have challenges. Here, in the county seat of Pocahontas County, we have an extra layer of challenge. At the core of everything is, for the most part, volunteers, working to move this oldest continuous settlement into a 21st century tourist destination. A settlement that is 46 miles from the nearest interstate and in a flood-plain, in a county set to celebrate 200 years of history, and is still without access to sufficient and affordable Broadband. Earlier this year, the Marlinton Listens team conducted a survey that gauged local community members’ thoughts and opinions on [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July 15 2021

This week, I begin The Mayor’s Corner by asking a question: How many times have you heard someone say, “There is nothing for the kids to do around here?” If you have heard that comment, then I want you to consider the following. What would you think about some of those same persons saying, “Who is going to pay for the water at that splash pad?” Now, I will try to answer with another question - who do you think? Until someone comes up with an alternative plan, the Town will pay for Discovery Junction’s Splash Pad water, out of [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July 8, 2021

Everyone loves fireworks or so I used to think. We know animals don’t. I have now been reminded that some veterans suffering from PTSD do not like them either. Both of these factors should be considered in next year’s decision. As for this year, the decision not to have fireworks was mostly financial – but not entirely. When I first came into office in 2015, the cost for a fireworks show was about $3,500, plus a local technician who set them off usually charged an additional 10% for his fee. In about 2017, a new state law required that not [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July 1, 2021

This week, the Mayor’s Corner takes a break from Town and focuses on July 4, 1776, the historic day recognized as the date the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence. A mere 245 years ago. Not a long time in the life of a country. Have you ever considered, Egypt has over 5,000 years of recorded history? The concept of freedom and the creation of a free country was the driving force that motivated the founders and every newcomer to this new country. Determination and persistence made the difference for the majority. “Do or Die” is quite a motivator [...]

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Mayor’s Corner June 24, 2021

There is so much work in progress, it is hard to give a good description to any single point. To inform you of some of the thoughts and work that are either on the table or in motion, here are points of discussion from last week’s HubCap meeting. Directly and indirectly, there will continue to be a focus on mountain biking. Some conversation centered around what Marlinton has to offer as well as what is needed that is missing; how to leverage momentum on usage of the river, the GBR Trail, Monday Lick trail system, Wetland project, Overlook project, Stillwell [...]

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Mayor’s Corner June 10, 2021

Katie Workman is Chairperson of the Town of Marlinton Planning Commission. She submitted a report to Marlinton Town Council at its regular meeting Monday evening. Much of the report covered topics that have been priorities since the Comprehensive Plan was adopted in August 2019. The following  items took on new importance at the January 18, 2021 meeting and were discussed again at the  Planning Commission’s April 8 meeting.  Filling the seats on the Building Maintenance Board was identified as a priority and recommendations  have been made to the Personnel Committee. Those recommendations were accepted by Town Council  at Monday’s meeting.  [...]

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Mayor’s Corner April 29 2021

By now many of you are aware that federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (HR1319) became law on March 11. A portion of these funds will be provided directly to communities. The Department of Treasury is currently crafting the guidance and requirements for implementing this historic stimulus package, and we anticipate their efforts to take at least two or three weeks, if not longer. Last week, via Zoom, I attended a summit meeting, which was a joint effort made possible by Regional Optical Communications and Region 1 and Region 4 Planning and Development councils. Also included [...]

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Mayor’s Corner April 22 2021

Know before you buy – Know before you build Marlinton wants to accommodate all new building and improvements, so far as we can. The task of complying with State and Federal Regulations continues to make that harder and harder to do. If you want to build a new home - or refurbish an existing home - in a floodplain, you must take special precautions. Don’t start building your home until you have answered a few basic questions. The first question: Is there anything you can do to be removed from the floodplain? If so, that process can take weeks to [...]

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Mayor’s Corner March 11, 2021

Environmental compliance is important to all of us. But, it is expensive. Safety regulations are a must. They, too, are costly. To compare Marlinton’s utility costs to any other utility, you should consider the entire story. I remember reading in the Charleston Gazette, that one utility in the southern part of the state had been on a boil-water advisory for 16.5 years. Several other utilities had been in the same condition from two-to-eight years. Some water service companies in the coalfields were originally constructed by coal companies who have shut down and moved out. Still others have been purchased by [...]

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Mayor’s Corner March 4, 2021

My article dealing with a Third Avenue sewer project seemed major when I started, but in light of the early Monday morning flooding, now it seems very minor. Lower Third Avenue sewer problems have contributed to complaints in the area of the Greenbrier Building. For economic reasons, the Town often works at bits and pieces of repairs, doing only what has to be done in an attempt to save dollars. Leading up to the response plan to repair this problem, the sewer line was opened in three separate locations along lower Third Avenue and the same problem was identified at [...]

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