Mayor’s Corner March 11, 2021

Environmental compliance is important to all of us. But, it is expensive. Safety regulations are a must. They, too, are costly. To compare Marlinton’s utility costs to any other utility, you should consider the entire story. I remember reading in the Charleston Gazette, that one utility in the southern part of the state had been on a boil-water advisory for 16.5 years. Several other utilities had been in the same condition from two-to-eight years. Some water service companies in the coalfields were originally constructed by coal companies who have shut down and moved out. Still others have been purchased by [...]

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Mayor’s Corner March 4, 2021

My article dealing with a Third Avenue sewer project seemed major when I started, but in light of the early Monday morning flooding, now it seems very minor. Lower Third Avenue sewer problems have contributed to complaints in the area of the Greenbrier Building. For economic reasons, the Town often works at bits and pieces of repairs, doing only what has to be done in an attempt to save dollars. Leading up to the response plan to repair this problem, the sewer line was opened in three separate locations along lower Third Avenue and the same problem was identified at [...]

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Mayor’s Corner February 25 2021

This Remembrance is worthy of more than a simple footnote in a small town mayor’s weekly article. But, it is certainly worth remembering. This past Tuesday, February 23, marked 76 years since the U. S. flag was raised on Iwo Jima. The Battle of Iwo Jima was one of the fiercest battles of World War II and lasted from February 19 to March 26, 1945. The spirit of the six Marines who planted the U.S. flag at the summit of Mount Suribachi, exemplified the spirit that won the war. The scene was photographed by journalist Joe Rosenthal of the Associated [...]

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Mayor’s Corner February 18 2021

It is the responsibility of all animal owners to provide extra care for their animals during cold weather. Sec. 3-104. of the Town’s Animal and Fowl Ordinance states, in part: “With regard to cruelty to animals, it shall be unlawful for any person: • To fail, refuse or neglect to provide any animal in his or her charge or custody as owner or otherwise with proper food, drink, shade, care or shelter; provided that for purposes of this subsection any animal kept outside shall be provided with a structurally sound weatherproof enclosure, large enough to accommodate the animal; • To [...]

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Mayor’s Corner February 11, 2021

I have written about this issue in the past, but a question came up last week that gives me the opportunity to revisit the topic. So, this week we are talking trash – and garbage – and the difference between the two. The words garbage and trash are commonly used together but they represent two different categories of objects. Furthermore, there is no universal definition of garbage and trash and that makes it more difficult for people to understand. In the world of recycling, the separate categories become even more important. Garbage is not simply waste. Garbage comes mostly from [...]

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Mayor’s Corner February 4 2021

The first Month of the New Year is off to a busy start. The wheels are in motion for the opening of the public restrooms at the baggage building on the Depot property. However, electrician schedules and weather have slowed the process. A meeting of the wetlands committee took place at the water tank on the Greenbrier River Trail. The conversation centered around proposed signage for the site and other potential locations. The search last week for a significant water leak has been located in the Riverside area. In addition, the Town has applied for the necessary permits and the [...]

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Mayor’s Corner January 21 2021

Encouraging news is always good to share. According to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office, and despite the ongoing pandemic, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in West Virginia. State-wide in November 2020, 928 new businesses were registered, and for that month, Pocahontas County led the state in the percentage of new business growth with a total of 13 new businesses registered. This was a 1.79 percent increase. What positivity might come in 2021 or 2022 is yet to be determined. But a lot of changes are in the air. Pocahontas County could see real benefits. One emerging [...]

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Mayor’s Corner January 14, 2021

In the last Mayor’s Corner of 2020, I shared what I perceived to be a positive report, regarding a pathway to DEP Compliance at the Town’s waste-water treatment facility. The good news was the State Division of Environmental Protection had accepted the Town’s third revised Plan-Of-Corrective-Action. The Agency’s acceptance of the Town’s plan is agreement that our engineers have us on the pathway to compliance. As if that process is not costly enough, now I have been informed the DEP assessed administrative penalty has been increased – by more than $50,000. Because of permit violations, $179,580 seems necessary to DEP. [...]

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Mayors Corner January 7 2021

We had anticipated and were excited at your coming. Now, we are even more excited to see you go. But get ready! Get ready! Get ready! We’re looking ahead to 2021, expecting it to be a wonderful year of recovery and rebuilding, powered, in part, by a decision made across the eastern mountains in Virginia, almost 200 years ago. So it was, on December 21, 1821, the Virginia General Assembly created Pocahontas County. That will soon be an anniversary of 200 years and worthy of celebration. As we move further into this New Year, you and others will be hearing [...]

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Mayor’s Corner December 24, 2020

I have received many positive comments about the Town’s Christmas lights and have passed those positive comments on to those who did the work. Isn’t it funny how certain things you see or certain aromas can take you back to another time? What is it about Christmas lights that makes us happy? Trees without leaves transform into something beautiful when you put lights on them. A Christmas tree makes for a relaxing atmosphere when it is the only light in the room – which brings me to some Christmas tree trivia that I picked up somewhere: The first person to [...]

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