Mayor’s Corner September 10, 2020

Restaurants, sporting goods, and lodging are important sectors of our local economy. The point of this week’s article is to share the top five activities that are growing in popularity. Each of these growing activities will bring more dollars to these businesses in coming months and years. Listen up community. Opportunity is on the way. As we return to work, following our last holiday of the summer season, Pocahontas County is positioned for a fantastic 2021 and for all the right reasons. Within the following statistics, there is coming a stabilization of once considered seasonal positions and additional service jobs [...]

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Mayor’s Corner September 3 2020

Grants are a great way for small towns to receive funding beyond the normal limits of operational budgets. For any local cash-strapped government looking to expand or maintain services, grants can provide that little extra that can eventually make a difference. Grants can help bridge the gap between a town’s resources and its desire to do more. Grants are not the end-all solution when budgets are not enough, but they can make a difference. In the last few years, Marlinton has been fairly successful at applying for and receiving small grants. Grants are a tricky business and hard for most [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 27, 2020

Last week, the Marlinton Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire in the Riverside area. It was a stark reminder of basic rules that can save lives and prevent property damage. Please make a mental note and analyze your own home surroundings and that of your community, wherever that is. First – do you have a plan? Good housekeeping is a good start and is an important part of reducing fire risk. Next, have a place for your family members and everyone in the house to meet in the event of a house fire. Now, consider this, the reason for [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 19, 2020

An update for your information. DOH communications regarding Third Avenue STOP-signs: they should be visible next week. The Marlinton Town Council held a special meeting Monday evening to discuss various citizen concerns. Many efforts are in place to address these concerns. Be assured that your Town Council is no more happy with some of the present conditions than you are. Things happen that are not a part of our plans. State, county and local law enforcement had planned to be at the special meeting, but were called to a situation in the northern end. Also, Monday was the Town’s [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 13, 2020

Last week, I wrote about the Mon-Forest Towns Partnership and Marlinton being one of the 10 cities in the partnership. This week, I can say: Congratulations, Marlinton! You have been selected as a nominee in the 10th Annual Blue Ridge Outdoors Top Adventure Towns contest, in the Tiny Town Category. Over the next four weeks, readers will be able to vote for their favorite destinations out of 100 contenders. I am excited for our town to be a part of this contest. We know Nature’s Mountain Playground is for all people and all seasons. I hope each of you [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 6, 2020

Marlinton is one of 10 cities currently in the Mon-Forest Towns Partnership program. A recreation economy initiative aimed at jump-starting local economies by focusing on and highlighting all of the outdoor recreation opportunities that are available in our region. During this time of COVID-19 awareness and social distancing what could be better than visiting “Natures Mountain Playground?”In order to help families navigate the area, you will soon be seeing signage that complements this endeavor. When Marlinton installs its additional signage, we intend to do a ceremony of some sort to recognize our participation in the program. We hope there [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July 23 2020

Last week, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice issued an executive order that requires everyone over the age of nine to wear a face covering in all indoor spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained. Who knows what the coming weeks will bring? New safety protocols have been posted at the front entrance to Town Hall. Visitors are asked to wear a mask or facial covering, and to observe one person at a time in the lobby area. To make an appointment, please call 304-799-4315. Throughout the COVID-19 health emergency, the Town of Marlinton water plant has provided safe drinking water. [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July 16 2020

Marlinton Water Customers – by now you know the water service was temporarily shut off on Tuesday night until Wednesday morning, and you may be interested to know why this was necessary. For about a week the Town had been flushing and testing fire hydrants. When Sam Dunn and Donald Sharp got to the hydrant at Third Avenue and Ninth Street, it was business as usual. As a matter of fact, they reported that hydrant “opened” easier than most. However, after the test and flow numbers had bee recorded and it was time to close the hydrant, it would not [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July 9 2020

Sometimes citizens act as if ordinances in the Town of Marlinton were put into effect just to annoy them or to make money. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, we must admit, that the Town has not done a good job of educating the public about building requirements. The Website Committee has spent a great deal of time designing a new website, which will be ready near the end of this month. This newly designed website will provide information and applications, which the public will be able to easily access. Until then, here is a reminder. Whatever the [...]

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