Mayor’s Corner September 1st, 2022

More fun things. to share The EPA Compliance Advisor Program will be providing customized templates and tools for Marlinton’s review of Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention. In the next few weeks, you will receive documents for additional information regarding implementation. For your information, a Cross-Connection is any physical connection between a possible source of contamination and the public water system. For example, if a homeowner uses a cistern or an old well for outdoor watering, it cannot be connected to pipes that are connected to the public water system. Even with a bypass valve in place. It is prohibited. Backflow [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 25th, 2022

Brad Armstrong, Marlinton’s VISTA Rec-reational Economy Coordinator (REC), was introduced to the community last week on the front page of The Pocahontas Times. Brad has invested his first few weeks on the job meeting various program representatives in person and vir- tually. The Marlinton Comprehensive Plan, Mon-Forest Town Spreadsheet and Marlinton Bike Plan has required a lot of reading in order to get up to speed and develop action steps to move a growing number of projects forward – which are already underway. A substantial part of beginning activities includes collaborating with other interested team members to plan the first [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 11th, 2022

I attended three days of the 53rd Annual Conference of the West Virginia Municipal League in Morgantown last week. The goal of the WVML Conference is to provide valuable and practical information that will benefit every municipal government and the communities they serve. They accomplished their goal.  At the Wednesday morning opening session, attendees experienced an opening prayer by one of our state department executives that made me glad to be in attendance. Following comments by Morgantown Mayor Jenny Selin, State Auditor J.B. McCuskey and others, I attended sessions on cybersecurity and employment law. Afternoon sessions touched upon Congressional Earmarks, [...]

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Mayor’s Corner August 4th, 2022

An issue of harassment was brought before Marlinton Town Council at its July meeting. After hearing about the issue at hand, the complainant asked me to offer a response in the Mayor’s Corner. My response this week expands upon a shorter answer given at the meeting.  When a mayor or resident hears about something negative in our community it should be of concern to everyone within that community. We are living in extraordinary times. Crime, domestic issues, petty theft, homelessness, and all the associated problems attached to substance abuse continue to grow. But the problem of people treating people rudely, [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July, 28th 2022

I cannot tell you how many times, over the past decades, I have heard parents complain about sons and daughters, young high school graduates having to leave home and leave the state to find jobs. There are many reasons that industry is difficult to bring to our region. Most times, it has to do with access to highways, airports and other conveniences. But untapped industry has its advantages. Pocahontas County remains the most beautiful part of a beautiful state. We are gradually becoming a leading recreation destination location.  Last week, I informed readers about the emerging recreational economy and what [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July, 21st 2022

While informing the community of future recreation economic plans, I want local businesses and local lenders to be aware: Someone you may currently be doing business with could be the industrial/manufacturing partner we are looking for for the Edray Industrial Park Building. Filling that space will remain a high priority until it is humming with industry – of one kind or the other. The industrial park was the reason for the Edray water and sewer extension in 1995-96. Who would have thought it would take this long? But we cannot stop reaching out to potential tenants. Greenbrier Economic Development Corporation [...]

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Mayor’s Corner July 7th, 2022

Welcome to Marlinton – where the Town is older than the County and the County is older than the State.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to Marlinton and Pocahontas County. Each is unique in every way.  Welcome to the 2022 Pioneer Days Festival, now in its 56th year. While in Marlinton, take time to learn about other areas and attractions in Pocahontas County - the Green Bank Telescope, Cass and Durbin Scenic Railroads, Cranberry Glades, Droop Mountain Battlefield and Beartown, just to name a few.  Celebrating 200 years, the county is home to three traffic lights, five state [...]

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Mayor’s Corner June 23rd, 2022

Regional Optical Communications (ROC) was formed by Region 1 and Region 4 Planning and Development councils, as an 11-county partnership. The partnership exists for the sole purpose of promoting Broadband throughout our rural region, which now consists of 19 counties. The Pocahontas County Broadband Council was the first such County Broadband Council in the state. It’s mission serves to advocate, coordinate communication, and identify and pursue opportunities to build fast, reliable, affordable internet to every corner of the county where residents live and work. In 2021, Governor Jim Justice unveiled a billion-dollar strategy to bring broadband availability to 200,000 more [...]

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Mayor’s Corner June 16th, 2022

Like old friends who have stuck together through thick and thin, the Town of Marlinton, located alongside the Greenbrier River, conjures up such a relationship. We have had our times of opposition. But one would not be the same without the other. Throw in the 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail, “Discovery Junction” and the Pocahontas County Opera House, and we make quite a team. Each serves up a variety of community events and musical performances in the heart of downtown Marlinton. Together, recreation opportunities abound, and we seize upon each one of them. The soon to be hired Recreational Economy Coordinator, [...]

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Mayor’s Corner June 9th, 2022

As the Town of Marlinton moves forward with the removal of dilapidated and abandoned structures, it is displacing individuals and removing housing options. Nothing is easy about the process, but on a local level, it was decided we were not doing anyone a favor by leaving them in a shed with a mattress lying on four-bald tires to keep it off the ground. Another burned-out residence had a couple living in the basement. No utilities in either case. These sad facts have opened up an opportunity for new construction, to replace lost housing. The Town has already been informed these [...]

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